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"I am running for the District 4 seat on the Pasadena City Council  because I stand with my community in support of healthier communities and  healthy families. I am a advocate for environmental justice, and I want to see smart growth that considers the environmental impact of surging development on my neighbors and family."
When elected, I will focus on the key issues voters tell me they care most about, including:
Quality of Life

District 4 residents cite their health and the health of their families as paramount to their Quality of Life.  They say that encompasses access to quality health care, which also includes mental health services, as well environmental issues that affect their health.

Crime Prevention

By creating front porch communities, we create a safe space for neighbors to share their concerns and ideas about public safety and how best to tackle crime prevention in their neighborhoods, such as working with Community Outreach Units that promote on-site, direct and open communications with residents. Our front porch community approach envelopes open and effective two-way communications about police department policies, procedures and other important issues that impact public safety.


Residents cite the changes in our neighborhood schools as an issue of growing concern, and they worry that some of those changes may not be in the best interest of students. For example, District 4 residents wants schools that know no limits to the academic success of each student like Don Benito Fundamental and Norma Coombs Alternative Schools are neighborhood elementary schools, while Field Elementary becomes a Mandarin DLIP (Dual Language Immersion Program) and San Rafael Elementary has a Spanish DLIP.

Smart Growth

Voters say they are concerned about rapid development in the District 4 and the impact on the environment, which they consider a public health issue. As an environmental justice advocate, I will fight for smart growth that considers the environment, as well as the impact on Quality of Life. We will look at conservation strategies that help protect our health and natural environment while making our communities more attractive, economically stronger and culturally diverse.

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